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Medical services for Police officers have been introduced in 1962. Since then, the Police officer's health need to be checked before he/she gets the job and needs also to be checked every year until retirement.

General health care is guarantee by the medical offices located within the Province. For more complex needs, Police officers can go to one of the designated cliniques in Milan, Palermo, Naples and Rome where medical specialists and equipments are available to employees and their families.

It should also be underlined the commitment of the health service in the understanding of emerging issues in the field of health and safety, such as the study and prevention of bioterrorism and the activity of psychological counseling for those involved in special events because of their service.

The Health Service of the State Police needed a software that could handle all the activities in a simple, intuitive and coordinated way: patients report, medical visits on request and regular checks requested by the Administration, periodic health monitoring, spa treatments, medical checks for driving licenses, etc.
Meeting Service designed a web application whose main functions are related to the management of patients, the collection of reports of the various medical checks and the production of documents needed for the correnspondence with other Police offices:

  • Search for patients by name or personal serial number
  • Patients data sheets with basic information, medical history, list of all medical checks,possibility of checking the results of a specific check.
    In the list of patients that are off-work because of sickness, an automatic alert shows: number of remaining sick days, reason of sickness, starting date of sickness period, etc.
  • Automatic calculation in the patient card of the number of sick days in the last five years (total amount and amount per year)
  • Registration of all medical checks (checks at the clinic or at home, periodic health checks, medical checks for requesting spa treatments, medical checks for the release/renew of driving license) with generation of report and other documents in PDF format
  • Schedule of tax checks, periodical checks and surveillance checks to be carried out
  • Possibility for the system administrator to customize PDF documents printed by the software and create new templates of letters, reports and other documents
  • Daily calculation of statistics related to the activities conducted by the Medical Centre (number of visits by type, number of medical certificates approved, number of sick days granted to employees, number of driving licenses issued, etc.)
The software is designed with the potential of a future development and the possibility of using the software at regional and national levels, in all police stations in Italy.

With this new centralized system all the medical information for each patient/employee are always available and updated in real time, giving doctors and medical specialists the opportunity of providing a more attentive service.

The new software reduces the number of paper copies created from original documents, because the data are always available online for consultation.

The software automatically calculates (every day, according to data entered) useful statistics that the Medical Office must periodically send to the Central Police Station (number of medical checks, number of days of absence from duty granted to employees, the number of patients sent to CMO, etc.)

All these calculations used to be done manually by checking one by one the paper documents. With our Web aplication, we obtained a considerable save of time and we reduced the possibility of errors in the calculation.