Frontend realisation, Backend realisation, Applicazione web su misura

Planet S.r.l.   -   Milano (MI)   -

Planet is one of the few European companies in the marketing sector to have obtained UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 quality assurance certification. With a presence in the whole Italian territory, Planet SRL has helped companies who supply products for large-scale distribution trade with their activities and merchandising.

The company has approximately 100 specialized collaborators managed and coordinated internally.
The services Planet srl offers include: develop business contacts, purchase planning with buyers in large-scale distribution trade, merchandise display, promotional campaigns at points of sale, collection of orders, Sales management, Inventory management, Delivery inspection, Stock buy-outs, Planning and preparation of system orders, etc.

Planet srl works in partnership with: Bic spa, Energezir, Lampa Spa, Pennelli Cinghiale, Philips, Robert Bosch Spa, Stabilo-Armand Ugon Srl, UHU Bostik Spa, Uniross Batteries Spa, Vamar Srl, Weissenfels Spa.
Because of its wide network of stores, Planet srl needed an instrument that could be able to collect, select and forward specific information about every single store aisle, everytime this was checked by the operators (display products, stock available, positioning, etc.)

All the buyers from the most important supply companies for large-scale distribution had also to access these information so the web platform needed to be unified.
We created the Planet srl institutional website ( where it is possible to get an overview of the services offered by the company and eventually enter the section "Work with us". In this case, the requests are organised by Region. We created a web application for the employees which enable them to daily upload the info about products, about the stores theyvisited and about the problems they encountered.

The responsible team, check every report and inform the client. We created also a backend section for clients where buyers can have an overview of all the collected info which are organized by Store name, Chain of stores, etc and access the reports uploaded by the Planet Srl operators.

We created 3 separate big projects, with the aim of improving the organization of the workload through an excellent and very well planned exchange of information between different levels of the chain.