Frontend realisation

Dott. Barbara Franceschini Notaio   -   Roma   -;

The personal relationship with the notary begins before signing the deed so the client can be fully indipendent in taking any decision and can get all the clarifications and explainations he might need.
Even for the simplest and common contract, the notary has the responsibility to check the content to make sure it is suitable for the situation and it respects the will of the subscriber.
In particular, when the document is drafted by one of the two party (ex. The mortgage with a Bank) of by a third party (ex. Proxy statement composed by a car's practices agency), the notary needs to inform about any particular expensive clause.

The notary needs to be impartial. This obligation is valid even when the notary is chosen by one of the party. (This possibility is usually for the person who'll take care of the costs).

The notary has to inform whoever ask for his consultacy service about his/her rights. There is a need for a very simple instrument that allows an easier interaction between the notary and the party.

The following points have been developed:

  • Frontend: graphic structure in Italian
  • Creation of a dedicated area for drafting quotations
  • Creation of a dedicated area for requesting copies od deeds of other documents
  • Creation of a dedicated area to inform and communicate with the public
  • Creation of a Contact area for requesting information directly to the notary
We created a web platform, very easy to use and navigate through where customers can contact directly the notary, gather information about the notary himself, the different contracts and ask for a quotation or copies of the already stipulated deed.