Backend realisation, Applicazione web su misura

Avis Provinciale Pavia   -   Pavia (PV)   -   www.avisprovincialepavia.it

AVIS (Association of Voluntary Italian Blood Donors) is the major Italian non-profit and charitable organisation for blood donation, bringing together over a million volunteer blood donors across Italy.

Avis has its own statute and the association can be joined by those who donate voluntarily, periodically and anonymously their blood as well as by those who can't donate for reasons of unsuitability but decide to collaborate to all promotion activities.

Avis is an association of volunteers: Volunteers are the donors and volunteers are the managers and employees.

There was a need for a digital system able to menage blood donation bookings, regular check to volunteers and also keep a database of all blood donors.

After introductory deep analysis, we created the initial project which was tested and tried by many users before getting approved and being used for the following:

  • Schedule blood donations suitability checks, etc.
  • Calendar to menage donation schedule divided by time, day, number of available slots, ecc.
  • Access to the Province Database of donors: possibiity of booking a blood donation slot
  • Acces to donors database of the city of Pavia
  • Possibiliy of booking a blood donation slot from the Policlinic Hospital account
  • Possibility of printing the blood donations schedule for a specific date or period of time including the list of donatos and number of donations for each day
  • Automatic Alert is set up in case any of the personal information about a donor is missing
  • Management of list of donors who already booked in an appointment and donors who didn't show up
This software can menage and control every single booking, every users profile but also it can be linked to the Province AVIS, the City of Pavia AVIS and the main Hospital in order to have a better internal organisation.